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  Bazzill 12x12 Candle Textured T4-438

Bazzill 12x12 Candle Textured T4-438

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Conditions of Use
The customer agrees to the current conditions of use each time the web shop is used. The current condition of use takes precedence over the condition of use by the customer. An exception can only be made by a special agreement signed by the manager of the company Scrapbook Outlet Online. The fact Scrapbook Outlet Online isn't appealing a clause in her advantage, can't be interpretated like she has taken distance to appeal it.


Article I. General

Section 1.01
The present terms and conditions shall apply to each and every offer and agreement and their execution, insofar as Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. which is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at T.T Vasumweg 122-1, has not explicitly deviated from the present terms and conditions in writing.

Section 1.02
Except for other clauses in these General Terms and Conditions, buyer’s purchase or other conditions are not applicable, unless these conditions are accepted by Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. explicitly in writing.

Section 1.03
If one or more stipulations in the present general terms and conditions should be null and void or declared null and void, then the other stipulations of the present general terms and conditions shall remain fully applicable.

Article II. Ordering

Section 2.01
In folders, advertisements and on the internet, products of Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. are being offered for sale in various amounts at a fixed price. In folders and on the internet an order form or electronic shopping cart is included, which must be completed by the buyer to order products of Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. The order takes place by sending a completed order form to Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. by facsimile, post or e-mail, or by completing the order process with the electronic shopping cart on the website of Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. An exception to this rule is the buyer who contacts Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. personally or by telephone to place an order. Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. is not liable for any discrepancy or miscommunication with regards to orders taken via the telephone.

Section 2.02
When Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. receives an order orally, in person or via the telephone, an order confirmation will be sent to the buyer by e-mail or facsimile.

Section 2.03
An agreement will be considered to be agreed upon as soon as Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. has received a completed and signed order form from the buyer and has accepted the order. An exception to this rule is the buyer who places an order orally with Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. (see article 2.01), because that buyer does not complete an order form or completes the electronic shopping cart process.

Section 2.04
Ordering in Multiples; where minimums are specified, ordering can only be done in multiples of the number indicated. Your multiples may be changed to the minimums without prior notification.

Section 2.05
Product numbers have been assigned to all products for electronic ordering. All orders must include the item code, vendor and product description in order to enable correct delivery.

Section 2.06
Orders are preferably received via our website or via email or by fax +31 20 3207372. It is also possible to receive a personal login to order via our website via Concerning phone orders (+31 20 3207370), Scrapbook Outlet OnlineB.V. is not liable for any discrepancy /miscommunication in regards to orders taken over the phone.

Article III. Third parties

Section 3.01
If and in so far required for the proper execution of the agreement, Scrapbook Outlet OnlineB.V. shall have the right to have certain work done by third parties.

Section 3.02
The present terms and conditions shall also apply to all agreements with Scrapbook Outlet Online., the execution of which calls for the services of third parties.

Article IV. Terms of Delivery

Section 4.01
As soon as Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. has received the order to deliver a product, the product will be sent within ten working days. If the product is not in stock, the delivery time will be extended with the period necessary to order receive required components to complete the order.

Section 4.02
The stated term of delivery can never be considered to be a fatal term.

Section 4.03
Returns - all sales are considered final. Claims of defects/shortages must be made within 6 working days of receipt of the goods. Returns must be pre-authorized by Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. and are subject to a 20% restocking and shipment fees. Not pre-authorized returns will not be accepted.

Article V. Prices

Section 5.01 Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. offers her products in various amounts at fixed prices, which are stated on the order form and on the website.

Section 5.02
Scrapbook Outlet Online reserves the right to change prices at anytime. In case of price increases of the product, Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. is entitled to charge these price increases to the buyer accordingly, not withholding after an order has been placed, but not after and order has been paid.

Article VI. Payment

Section 6.01
Payment must be made before the order is sent. If Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. sells a product on a fair, the buyer must pay in cash. If a product has been delivered, but an invoice has not yet been sent, the buyer shall pay the fixed price within 30 days after delivery.

Section 6.02
If the buyer fails to fulfill his payment obligation within the term of payment, then the buyer shall be in default by operation of law without a note of default. In that event, the buyer shall owe an interest of 1% per (part of a) month including VAT, unless the statutory interest rate is higher, in which case the statutory interest rate shall apply. Furthermore, Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. reserves to herself all other rights.

Section 6.03
All reasonable administrative, judicial and extrajudicial costs shall be paid by the buyer. This includes costs she incur if Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. must call in a third party to collect the indebted amount.

Section 6.04
Payment of an invoice will serve firstly of all to reduce the costs, subsequently to reduce the interest still due and finally to reduce the principal sum and the current interest

Article VII. Cancellation

Section 7.01
If the buyer cancels the order and/or refuses to receive the delivered product, for whatever reason at all, the buyer remains obligated to pay the purchase money.

Article VIII. Intermediate trading

Section 8.01
An order to deliver a product, produced via an intermediate person or company, will only bind Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. after prior confirmation of the order in writing by Scrapbook Outlet Online.

Article IX. Complaints

Section 9.01
The buyer shall inspect the product immediately after delivery. Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. must be notified in writing of complaints about the delivered products by the buyer within six working days.

Section 9.02
Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. supplies the usual quality of her products. If the buyer has a complaint about the delivered product, in relation to the amount or about the invoice, the buyer must notify Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. of the complaint in writing within six working days after delivery (above it was 3days). If the buyer does not notify Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. of the complaint in proper time, the buyer’s right to complain expires

Article X. Retention of title

Section 10.01
All products shall remain the property of Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. as long as the buyer has not paid entirely the price agreed upon for the delivered products.

Section 10.02
If the buyer has not completely met his obligations, Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. is entitled to exercise her right of recovery for the delivered products without judicial intervention. The buyer must give Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. unhampered access to the delivered products.

Article XI. Force majeure

Section 11.01
Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. is not accountable for any shortcoming or insufficiency, if the shortcoming is not due to her fault and cannot be attributed to her by virtue of law, a legal action or generally accepted practise. . In addition to the provisions of the law and the judge-made law in this respect, force majeure shall in the present general terms and conditions furthermore be understood to be any external circumstance, be it envisaged or not, on which Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. cannot have any influence but which prevents Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. from fulfilling the obligations. Industrial action within Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. shall also be understood to be a circumstance of force majeure.

Section 11.02
If the circumstances of force majeure have a temporary nature, Scrapbook Outlet OnlineB.V. shall be entitled to suspend the execution of the agreement until the circumstances that present force majeure do not occur anymore.

Section 11.03
If the circumstances of force majeure have a permanent nature, parties can make an arrangement to dissolve the agreement and the consequences resulting from that agreement.

Article XII. Liability

Section 12.01
The liability of Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. will never exceed her legal obligations. The liability of Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. towards the buyer is always limited to the damage that is the typical and foreseeable consequence of the shortcoming in the fulfillment of Scrapbook Outlet Online.

Section 12.02
Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. is never liable for any indirect damage of the buyer, including consequential damage, loss of profit, lost savings, company damage, loss of goodwill, loss of orders, stagnation or delay of the production process, damage to other goods than the goods delivered by Scrapbook Outlet Online., lesion damage and damage of third parties.

Section 12.03
If Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. is liable for direct damage, then said liability shall be limited to a maximum of the invoice price at any rate that part of the assignment to which the liability relates.

Section 12.04
Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. shall not be liable for damage of whatever nature caused by the fact that Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. worked on the basis of incorrect and / or incomplete data provided by the buyer, unless Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. should have been aware of said incorrectness or incompleteness

Section 12.05
The buyer shall safeguard Scrapbook Outlet Online t B.V. against possible claims filed by third parties who may sustain damage attributable to the buyer in connection with the execution of the agreement.

Section 12.06
Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. is not liable for damage of the buyer, if the buyer has not acted in the way described in article 9 under 1 of these general terms en conditions. Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. is also not liable for damage of the buyer if the buyer has not given Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. the opportunity to correct the complaint and / or repair the damage suffered by the buyer.

Section 12.07
The risk of loss of, or damage to the goods being the subject of the agreement, shall be transferred to the buyer the moment said goods are judicially and / or actually delivered to the buyer and therefore fall into the power of the buyer or of third parties to be appointed by the buyer.

Article XIII. Disputes and applicable law

Section 13.01
To each and every agreement with Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. on which the present General Terms and Conditions is applicable, Dutch law shall apply. In case of interpretation of the contents and tenor of these general terms and conditions, the Dutch version prevails at all time.

Section 13.02
All disputes between Scrapbook Outlet Online B.V. and the buyer shall exclusively be adjudicated by the competent judge of the County Court in Amsterdam.

Section 13.03
The most recently filed version shall always apply, or, as the case may be, the version valid at the time the agreement was concluded. The Dutch version of these general terms and conditions is registered with the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam under nr. 34183667.

Scrapbook Outlet OnlineB.V.
T.T Vasumweg 122-1,
1033SH, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)20 616 7915
Fax: +31 (0)20 320 -7372
Bank: ABN-AMRO 5781 50 921 - BIC(Swift): ABNANL2A - IBAN:
K.v.K.: 34183667 - BTW-nr.: NL817155478B01

None of our products have warranty. Every visible damage won't fall under warranty, whatever caused the damage.

The buyer acknowlegde to have sufficient information on the product specification. This could be done by a small description, but also by the link some of our products have. Scrap-Party isn't responsible when the wrong goods have been ordered.

All our prices are in euro and VAT included. Unless stated otherwise.

Shipment liability
The shipment of products occurs on full risk of the buyer. We are not responsible for any damage or lost caused by the transfer.
The goods, including free shipping, are transfered at risk of the buyer. Any complain should be written within 8 days after delivery of the products by the seller.

U hebt als consument het recht aan de verkoper mee te delen dat u afziet van de aankoop, zonder betaling van een boete en zonder opgave van het motief binnen de 7 werkdagen vanaf de dag de dag die volgt op de levering van het product. Het product dient dan in een ongeopende verpakking, vrij van zichtbare sporen van gebruik, te zijn.
Indien een bestelling wordt afgezegd als ze reeds per koerier is vertrokken, wordt er een administratieve annulatiekost van 25€ aangerekend. De kosten voor het terugsturen zijn dan ten laste van de klant.
*This only applies for Dutch customers.

Outstanding arrears
Any extra fees for collecting money of a debt are accounted for the buyer/customer.


Place of jurisdiction
Place of jurisdiction for any legal action arising from these conditions shall be the district of the seller.


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